Clark Family Reunion

Thanks to, the second annual Clark Family Reunion in Atlanta, Georgia can be described as “inspiring” and “impactful,” says 27 year-old Jamarl Clark. As the Reunion Coordinator, months of planning could not have prepared him for the emotional journey and discoveries of his family’s ancestral roots.

Join Jamarl as he travels the state of Georgia to put the puzzle of his past together; unearths secrets; and finds a renewed purpose and urgency to celebrate life after his three-day reunion. He says, “I learned most of all to never give up on my family.” The second episode is a rollercoaster of surprises and emotions that ends with a spectacular tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for justice, freedom and unity. Visit Facebook to see photo’s from the Clark Family Reunion.


About the first episode:

The Glovers have a rich Indiana family heritage that spans centuries. They were some of the early members of the Bethel A.M.E. Church, one of Noblesville’s early black churches where some family members still attend. The Glovers were one of three African-American families, including the Glenns and Whites, who first settled in Sheridan, Indiana in the early 1800′s. While many of the family members live around the country and in Canada, their families maintain close ties and together continue to host their reunion every three years. It’s a tradition started decades ago by their ancestors.

:: Genealogy ::

The oldest living relative is Wayne Glover of Noblesville. He has two sisters Dana Glover Hughes and Mary Glover and brother Myron Glover. Their father was Elijah C. Glover. Elijah’s father was Clifford Tilton Glover., the worlds largest online family history resource with 7 billion genealogical records from across the globe and millions of family trees, conducted research about this line and other branches of the family tree to unearth more information about the Glover’s genealogy. genealogists Anastasia Harman and Joseph Shumway research the family’s roots to put together the historical puzzle of their past.



:: The Reunion ::

Almost 200 family members of the Glenns, Glovers, and Whites are coming from all over the country and Canada to attend the reunion, including some from the east coast who have never met anyone on this side of the family tree. The three-day celebration is packed with activities, including a family talent show, sack races, board games, history recitals, and church service. This family, like all families, have experienced challenging times. They share how the love of family got them through, how they never gave up hope to succeed, and how their faith has sustained them. The reunion is capped off with the genealogical reveal by Joseph Shumway with He presents supporting documents which addresses rumors, settles bets, and stuns everyone in the room!