Top Ten Questions For Viewers

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Top Ten Questions For Viewers
  1. What are some of the fun activities at your family reunion?
  2. How do you honor family members who have passed?
  3. What’s your most memorable moment of a reunion?
  4. How often does your family host a reunion?
  5. How far can you trace your ancestral roots?
  6. Where is your reunion held?
  7. What themes have you used for your reunion?
  8. Who’s the oldest person in your family?
  9. Name the person you can’t wait to see at your family reunion and why.
  10. How has your family helped you through a challenging period?

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1 Comment

  1. This is OUTSTANDING!!!!! It’s about time we see POSITIVE images of the African American Family!!! THANK YOU MS. ANDREA MOREHEAD!!! WE WILL PRAY IT GOES NATIONAL because everyone needs to see this program!!!!!